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Herewith, a FINAL REPORT

for and from 

Four months subsequent to official publication, on December 6, 2016, 6 month after review copies went out for MORAVIAN NIGHTS during which while​

has accumulated appr. 20 k “hits” - a penny a hit would be pittance recompense for the time spent on the project, yet I have the immense pleasures of a month’s indulgent involvement in the riches of this text! But one interlocutor, fellow Handke translator, Scott Abbott to share & get into a few scraps with. The # 20 k for a six month period compares with about half a million for the entire complex of Handke sites that is now about a decade old


and grew out of the handke.scriptmania complex and its dozen subsites:

Now the report on MORAVIAN NIGHT’S fate among U>S> reviewers which confirms that the catastrophic reception persists:


Since review copies went out  there have of course been the usual kind-hearted, innocuous pre-reviews @ Kirkus, Publisher’s Weekly and the like which repeat the publisher’s jackett copy siren calls, and I have duly posted these as well. For overall comparison, the MORAVIAN NIGHT site contains a collection of German, French, Italian & Spanish reviews.

Udderwise, there have been but two drivelings from two of the remaining major teats, two ideological human rights hyenas screams, two dumb vacas, who are evidently unable to, or averse digest Handke’s rich offerering - a difficult job, for sure - and evade into moral positioning and refuse to represent or give as much as a hint of the multifarious matters that sleight of hand artist Handke performs in Moravian Night,




Die Kehrseite der Wiederholung – Weiblichkeit, Gewalt und Erzählen in Peter Handkes Die morawische Nacht ====

I have little to add to my decimation of Kirschensaft, it is actually an event that the NYRB published Scott Abbott’s letter to the editor:


and upon Bob Silvers passing I posted a note on our relationship which came a cropper due to his I think then criminal mis-treatment of Handke’s texts and plays:

 And so once again we do not have a fruitful discussion, except between Scott Abbott and myself, where matters got quite heated a they tend to even among those who have drawn on these riches and are favorably disposed!  My falling out with Hagiographer Lothar Struck upon MORVIAN’S publication in Krautland 10 years ago has still not been resolved! 

Having sought for some years to lay the basis for a more complex reception, I am chagrined that The New Yorker merely ran a notice and that my eforts failed to induce James Wood, David Bromwich, Michael Dirda and the few others whom I regard as worthy of the task to take the considerable trouble that it takes to do justice to MORAVIAN NIGHT by situating it within Handke’s overall oeuvre & life.

  Alas, the kultchur, an old whore... I read Mauberly in my senior college year:

and he was right back then, 60 years ago. To do justice to MORAVIAN NIGHT entails more than just putting on your thunking cup, but acquaintance with a fair amount of Handke’s other work, and lots of that - the diary volumes - have gone missing, as have the significant books on Yugoslavia in this country, MORAVIAN has more dimensions than the Balkans, or does it?

 U.S. theater, after an initial reception, has refused to mature with Handke. It had not been an object of life to get at the roots of squareness and provinciality in Los Estados Unidos Norte, but then I found it in Seattle, which, in other respects, compares favorably.

 T’would have been nice if other voices had weighed in, perhaps some will yet. Missing in particular - as usual I feel like saying - is input response from the Germ departements, about 100 of which I alerted to the imminence of the publication of this major book in translation. More than ever before I feel that you could take these colonial outposts and transplant them on Mars for the difference their absence would make in university and national life - the library ctd. to buy the Handke titles, no one has been reading them for decades. Here a link to what is taught here, at the U.Dub. the University of Washington, of sports fame and infamy, of a first rate Medical School, the there Germ department supposedly a stellar colonial outposts in the USA:

Grumpily yrs,  Mauberly II

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