As to “sense of place”, walking, that is in passing, by bus, or stationed for a while we have first [a] the Houseboat Hotel in the Morawa and its reedy surround [b]  the Island of Krk/ Cordula which does not appear in the book written there in 1964; Northwest Spain; the Danube plain,
Handke placing his narratives concretely in the sites where he was writing is a matter that appears with A Moment of True Feeling [Paris], continues withLeft-Handed Woman [The view of the rolling hils of Paris as seen from Clamart/ Meudon] and thereafter never ceases, but achieves highpoints where the place appears as important, becomes like a character as the theme. Soria. Lineares, in the recent playAranjuez the former royal garden is evoked to such a degree that it competes….

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