Monday, June 25, 2012

The Photo and the Voyage between the Wars

In May of 1998, my friend Zarko Radakovic, a novelist and Peter Handke's Serbian translator, invited me to accompany him and Peter and Peter's friend Zlatko Bokokic on a trip up the Drina River (to the east of the Morava River that is the central locus of novel to be discussed on this blog). It was a time between wars. I published my account of the trip, "A Reasonable Dictionary," as half of a book that also includes Zarko's fine and troubling "Vampires."

The editor of NOVO, Thomas Deichmann, joined us part way through the trip. He took the photo of Peter, the one at the top of our blog, in the city of Užice (the city where the two filmmakers plan their film of the war in Peter's play Voyage by Dugout). 

A couple more of Thomas's photos from that trip:

Peter, refugee architect, me, and another of the refugees who will inhabit the building they are roofing on this day

Zlatko, Peter, fiancee of Serb imprisoned in Germany, his mother, Zarko, me

Peter at an inn high above the Drina River

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